Lessons 8-9. Biblical Interpretation

6 años ago

Four principles to for Interpreting Scripture. 1. Scripture to be interpreted literally 2. Scripture interprets Scripture. 3. Scripture to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit ...

5 Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Church

7 años ago

Thom Rainer gives us five clues: Severe theological errors are pervasive in the church. I’m not referring to differences over minute matters of eschatology. These errors ...

Did Jesus support gay marriage?

7 años ago

Today, with all the commotion created by World Vision and their turn around promoting gay marriage, I would like to provide you with some tools ...

The BBC has a program on the Trinity

7 años ago

I listen to the BBC everyday for my news fix. But they have lots of good programs where one can learn many things about science, ...

Caveat Lector 3

8 años ago

He escrito dos entradas en mi blog, se pueden encontrar aquí y a aquí. En ellas, hablo de cómo detectar falsos doctores, como también, falsos ...


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