Lessons 8-9. Biblical Interpretation

6 años ago

Four principles to for Interpreting Scripture. 1. Scripture to be interpreted literally 2. Scripture interprets Scripture. 3. Scripture to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit ...


Gordon Fee on the Kingdom of God

7 años ago

This is great to see Fee, specially his fashion style!!Nevertheless, the theme he touches upon, the Kingdom of God, is the central teaching of Jesus, ...

Test to know if you really understand the Trinity

7 años ago

From Charisma Magazine: If you consider yourself a Bible-believing Christian, ask: do I really understand—and have a passion for—the way God reveals Himself in Scripture through ...

Sorprendido por N. T. Wright -1

7 años ago

El objetivo del estudioso de la Biblia es revisar de forma masiva la forma en que hablamos de la fe cristiana. Por muchas razones, el ya ...


N. T. Wright St. Mellitus’ lectures

7 años ago

The first lecture is very commendable for Students. N.T. Wright Morning Lecture for Students, Pastors and Educators from Ellis Brust on Vimeo. This is the Theological ...

Introduciendo a Michael Bird

7 años ago

En esta semana estaré traduciendo un capitulo del libro de Michael Bird, The Saving Rigtheousness of God. Studies on Paul, Justification and the New Perspective. ...

More than meets the eye

10 años ago

I Samuel 16:1-13 Intro: Do you like Transformers? What’s their motto? “More than meets the eye.” Today we are confronted with a similar situation in ...


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