Lessons 8-9. Biblical Interpretation

6 años ago

Four principles to for Interpreting Scripture. 1. Scripture to be interpreted literally 2. Scripture interprets Scripture. 3. Scripture to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit ...

5 Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Church

7 años ago

Thom Rainer gives us five clues: Severe theological errors are pervasive in the church. I’m not referring to differences over minute matters of eschatology. These errors ...


Doctrines of Grace Vs. Jesus

7 años ago

This is not not my own writing, but an entirely good entry by a blogger I follow, David Norman. Again, some people may think it’s ...

Persecution of Christians in Israel

7 años ago

This is a topic that will raise eyebrows, but too many Christians in the West are enamoured with a wrong vision of what the State ...


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