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And Intolerance wins in France once more – Charlie Hebdo publishes yet another denigrating caricature


This type of “liberty of Expression” is merely “liberty to denigrate”. In what right mind can you picture the (false) prophet Mohammed forgiving those who have portrayed him and his god as idiots and ignorants??!!

This is again, the bigotry of Charlie Hebdo, trying to portray another religion according to their own worldview.

The sad thing is that the French, think they are supporting Freedom of Expression, and in reality, they are just promoting their worldview, where they can denigrate who ever does not think like them. They are playing into the terrorists game plan.

And while in France, they think that they are defending Freedom of Expression, they have just arrested a comedian for expressing himself, as crude as Charlie Hebdo. The Daily Mail  reports, quoting interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve:

He said Dieudonne faced court action for ‘a lack of respect and a willingness to stir up hatred and division.’

Really? Lack of respect? Stir up hatred and division? what does the minister think of this cartoon then?


This is nothing less than what is being called already, “Intolerance Inequality“. While Charlie Hebdo’s intolerance is celebrated as Liberty of Expression, Dieudonne M’bala’s intolerance and bigotry is rightfully cracked down. I don’t see the difference, do you? Both show lack of respect, and willingness to stir up hatred and division. But Alas, the magic trick is this, against whom they stir up hatred and division, that makes all the difference!

The West, and specifically France, is deluding itself about what Freedom of Expression is. While in the West, mockery of religions like Islam  and Christianity are allowed to perpetuate, and the expression of faith of a fire department chief is denied, the cry to defend Freedom of Expression/Speech sound hollow and hypocritical.

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Je Ne Suis pas Charlie Hebdo – Yo No soy Charlie Hebdo pues no soy un intolerante que me escondo tras la libertad de expresión.

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