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Spot the Difference – Netenyahu joins the march for freedom of the press, yet his press censures public pictures!!!

I am not going into details about the hypocrisy of world leaders joining together to defend freedom of speech after the Charlie Hedbo massacre. How come the president of Turkey and Jordan are marching for freedom of the press while they suppress the press in their own countries is beyond me!! It’s similar to Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, who gives asylum to Julian Assange while cracking down the free press in his own country.

But my point here is how a right wing ultra conservative Jewish group in Israel edits the pictures taken on Sunday of world leaders marching.

Spot the difference? This is the original picture:



This is the edited one:

Did you notice? Yes, the women were taken out!!!

So there you go, if the Israeli government wants to support freedom of the press, it should start by promoting their press to stop ignoring the existence of women, just as other Muslims do as well.

If you want to read more about it here.

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