• 1993

The Killing of Servetus did not serve Christ’s church, rather, it showed the darkside of Calvin’s fallen humanity

Michael_ServetusI abhor heretics. I got out of a quasi-heretical church, and still my heart burns when I see so many people following those who call themselves “apostles”, and spread their venom unto the church. Nevertheless, I don’t wish for a moment for them to be killed or die.

John Calvin, the great Reformer from Geneva, was dogged after he approved of killing Servetus. Many want to excuse him of his acts, as others want to excuse Martin Luther of his antisemitism. Some want to to excuse them as “men of their time”. Well, killing a person is wrong at any time as far as I know.

SebastianCastellioI offer you a writing where we see how Sebastian Castellio opposed Calvin to the end for that mega-error, of killing Servetus.

I admire Calvin, but I can see that he is no saint.

Here, you can read the piece and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you want to read it online, you can see it here.

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