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Reconsidering Sola Scriptura….

wesleyanquadrilateralI have always had a soft spot for the Wesley Quadrilateral. And for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about how Sola Scriptura has so many limitations, that it would not allow us to do proper Biblical Theology.

I found this reading Professor’s Schenck bio. Any opinions?

Wesley himself operated with a “quadrilateral” of inputs to understanding and decision making as a believer (Scripture, tradition, reason, experience).  It would thus be more appropriate to speak of prima scriptura (Scripture first) as our motto than sola scriptura (Scripture only).  Indeed, sola scriptura is not even a coherent concept when the Bible is read in context, because the formation of a biblical theology regularly requires organizing dynamics extrinsic to the texts themselves.


I have not much fondness towards the Anglican perspective on the issue:


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