Six Reasons Some Churches Are Moving Back to One Worship Style – By Thom Rainer

I grew up in a church where they thought that they were living in a new time of worship, some sort of “renewal”, or as they called it, “the tabernacle of David being restored”, based on the Jerusalem’s Council found in the book of Acts, chapter 15:16-17. Well, the background of the text points rather to the inclusion of the Gentiles under God’s kingdom, as it happened under David’s. But putting that aside, they took pride of their “unique” way of making music and worshipping. 

Thom Rainer shows us that the different types of services that happened in the past to cater for different worship styles, have ceased, and most people worship in a unify, let me say biblical, style. Here it’s what he says.



  • Multiple worship styles created an “us versus them” mentality. Worship wars did not really end with multiple approaches. In some churches the conflicts were exacerbated because those of different preferences did not interact with each other.

  • The church did not have the resources to do multiple styles with quality. In many churches, inadequate resources meant one or all of the services suffered. It was deemed better to put all the resources toward one style of worship.

  • The church moved from multiple services to one service. I heard from a number of pastors who have led their churches back to just one service, a move that naturally necessitates one style. Some did so to engender a greater sense of community; others did so due to excessive space in the worship center.

  • The Millennial generation has influenced many churches. This generation is much more flexible in its preferences of worship style. They are questioning the need of multiple styles.

  • Worship wars are waning. Many congregations with multiple worship styles created them as a response to worship wars. Now that the conflicts are waning in many churches, the need to segregate by worship preferences is no longer necessary.

  • Multiple generations are becoming more accustomed to different types of church music and worship style. Contemporary music, in some form, has been around a while. It is not this strange aberration it once was to many congregants. And many church members who did not grow up on traditional worship are hearing those hymns in new and meaningful ways. Simply stated, there is a much greater appreciation for different forms of church music than in the past.

Hopefully this will help us in order to come in unity in the presence of the Lord.


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