Why are Brazil’s Catholics becoming Protestants?

The Religion and Ethics Report is a podcast that is published on on Radio National, or RN.  This week, they published a very interesting piece regarding how Brazil es turning Protestant. This is a very important, since apparently, Brazil is the second country in the Americas that has the most Protestants. It seems the Pentecostalism has got a great impact in this land, and the rest of Latin American.

This is how the program is introduced.

The Catholic Church in Brazil is facing serious rivalry from the evangelicals and Pentecostals. In just 40 years, Catholicism has fallen from 92 per cent of the population to 65 per cent. It’s losing half a million people a year to the Protestants.

Andrew West was in Latin America recently and met with Dennis Smith. He’s from the United States and 36 years ago, went south as a Presbyterian missionary. He fell in love, married a Guatemalan woman and he’s been in Latin America ever since, becoming one of the region’s leading scholars and commentators on religion and public life.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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