The New Calvinism and its dangerous manifestations

It’s been years that I have been saying to, mainly Spanish speakers Calvinists, that although they feel they belong to a historical church/faith, they are a new trend, or subculture within it.

Jonathan Merrit, over at Religion News Service, RNS, has written an excellent article detailing the main problems of the Neo-Reformed/New or Neo-Calvinism/Resurgent movement. I once counted myself as in the crowd mentioned before, but once I started seeing how they behaved against those outside their circle, I started questioning their motives and biblical understanding.

The interesting fact is the growth, or lack of growth of this movement. Merrit informs:

According to a 2010 Barna poll, roughly three out of 10 Protestant leaders describe their church as “Calvinist or Reformed,” a proportion statistically unchanged from a decade earlier. According to the research group, “there is no discernible evidence from this research that there is a Reformed shift among U.S. congregation leaders over the last decade.” 

So, there’s no real growth, but lots of noise and publications from the Ne0-Reformed/New or Neo-Calvinism/Resurgent movement.

But Merrit sees three faults in this movement:

Read the whole article, and be amazed at all the things that are going on in this movement, that from the outside looks as a biblical, coherent movement, but in reality, is in chaos.

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