Persecution of Christians in Israel

This is a topic that will raise eyebrows, but too many Christians in the West are enamoured with a wrong vision of what the State of Israel is and does.

The Report in the Christian Post is very revealing:

“There’s no persecution in the Holy Land … unless you share your faith,” reads the quote on the cover of The Voice of the Martyr’s February 2014 newsletter. The quote is attributed to Steven Khoury, an Arab Israeli Christian who pastors churches in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Pastor Khoury has spoken in the media of witnessing church members being attacked because of their faith, and of losing an uncle who was martyred

If you are a Christian and go to Israel to “witness”, you will feel like you are going to Afghanistan or Somalia.

And if you thinking this is anti-semitism, you got another thing coming. Look who does the reporting on this important issue:

The Voice of the Martyrs, founded in 1967 by a Jewish couple, lists Israel on its “restricted nations” map as a “hostile nation.”

The Oklahoma-based nonprofit writes of the February issue’s cover story in a Facebook post”

Christian bookstores are filled with publications on Israel — on topics ranging from the nation’s rich history to biblical prophecy and the end times. Discussions of Israel reveal varying opinions and even controversies. But rarely will you read or hear a discussion about Israel being hostile toward the followers of Christ who live there. That statement itself may evoke strong opinions.

Many Christians in Israel today live free of persecution. But those who share their faith and witness on the frontlines of the nation’s spiritual battleground face an altogether different experience. Rami Ayyad, manager of a Bible Society book store in the Gaza Strip, was kidnapped and killed because of his witness for Christ.

While most persecution against Christians in the Holy Land is at the hands of radical Muslims, believers are also persecuted by anti-missionary Jewish activists. The activists sometimes spray graffiti on Christian churches in what are called “price tag attacks” (exacting a price on anything that seems to threaten Jewish sovereignty). A few months ago, they painted “Jesus is a monkey” on a church that is a major pilgrimage site for Christians.

Read the rest of the entry, and learn the plight of Christians in Israel. Zionist, you are warned, this is not a pleasant reading for you.

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