Australians win the right to preach in the streets

Although this is not so much seen as in other countries, some Australians do like to preach in the open air. These three Christians were charged for not following the police directive to “move on”, and were threatened to be taken to court for that.

Now, they have won, and have set a precedent for the rest of us.

The preachers were spreading the Christian message in central Nambour last September when they were charged for ignoring police “move on” directives.

They were geared up to fight the matter in court on Friday, but police have told the trio the charges would be dropped.

“We’re very, very happy and relieved because it was a big stress upon us,” one of the group, Ryan Hemelaar, said.

Mr Hemelaar, 24, Kevin Red, 46, and Justin Kelly, 39, believed they had a right to speak publicly under the Peaceful Assembly Act 1993, but were subsequently charged for twice ignoring the police request.

Read the rest of the story. A good news item for Christian, at last!!

You can read it here.

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