Church trends in Australia – New Church Plants are the way

I would like to give you a window into what’s happening here in Australia, for those who live in here, and those who live outside as well.

I am living in the fastest growing area in Australia right now, and here it’s the place to put a mission work.

This report is from the Bible Society of Australia, and lets us know where the missionary action is taking place in Australia. If you can learn a thing or two while reading this, report, it will be worth it.

You can find the report here.

Thanks to Johannes Lawrance for pointing out this report. He is the pastor a Seed Community Church in Swan Hill that is mentioned in the report,  who invited me to preach at his church many occasions while I lived in country Victoria. You can find  his church here.

And one last thing, it is good to see churches opening in the West of Melbourne!!!

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