Bob Larson and his Skype Exorcisms!

You read right, Bob Larson now claims that he can get the devil out of you, if you connect through skype. Here it’s the news report.

“In simple terms, an exorcism is the process of expelling an evil spirit from an individual who has become somehow invaded and demonized by that being, and sending it back to hell and freeing the person,” Larson said.

In the age of electronics, exorcisms are done over Skype.

So what does Larson say to those people who see these dramatic exchanges as nothing more than a disturbing night club act?

“It’s real,” Larson says. “There would be no reason to theatrically stage this for any reason. Why would anybody do that? I have no idea.”
Larson says he’s done more than 20,000 exorcisms. He’s sure there’ll never be any shortage of the devil’s demons.

Mocking people I tell you, and using the name of God for self gain. May God cast the demon of greed in him.

Thanks to Jim West for the tip off.

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¿Exorcismos via Skype? La trivialización de una necesidad espiritual.

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