La Sociedad para el Estudio del Nuevo Testamento, en Perth Australia.

Después de que N. T. Wright paso por Melbourne, se hizo camino al otro lado del país, Western Australia, y a su capital, Perth, donde la Sociedad para el Estudio del Nuevo Testamento, o SNTS en sus siglas en Ingles, se reunieran por primera ves en Australia.

Esta sociedad es el gremio de eruditos y expertos del Nuevo Testamento en el mundo, así que como dicen, “La crema de la crema” viene Australia.

Si alguien quiere saber los temas que se tocan en eventos como estos, acá les proporciono el itinerario de los temas que van a tocar. Como verán, no son los temas que usualmente se ven en otros eventos. No obstante, son los temas que se los eruditos están hablando, y que son importantes para el entendimiento del NT.

Espero que vean esta lista, y que tal ves puedan apreciar de lo que estas reuniones se tratan.



  1. Christliche Literatur des späten ersten Jahrhunderts und des zweiten Jahrhunderts / Christian Literature of the late first century and the second century

    Conveners: Prof. F. Prostmeier, Prof. W. Pratscher and Prof. J. Kelhoffer. Terminates in 2014

    Wed: Wilhelm Pratscher (Vienna), “Motive paulinischer Theologie im 2. Clemensbrief”
    Thu: Ferdinand R. Prostmeier (Freiburg): “Geistig-soziale Milieus des Diskurses über “Religion” in der frühen Kaiserzeit”
    Fri: Vicky Balabanski (Adelaide) “Cosmological categories and the writings of Ignatius of Antioch: Reflections on Trallians 5 and Ephesians 19”

  2. The Dead Sea Scrolls in Relation to Early Judaism and Early Christianity (5*)

    Conveners: Prof. J.J. Collins and Prof. J. Frey. Terminates in 2013.
    This seminar will meet jointly with Seminar 5 (Johannine Writings) in 2013.
    Wed: Harry Attridge (Yale): “The Making of Disciples: Predestination in the
    Scrolls and the Fourth Gospel”
    Thu: Hermann Lichtenberger (Tübingen):”Tempel und Tempelmetaphorik
    in Texten vom Toten Meer und im Johannesevangelium”
    Fri: John J. Collins (Yale) and Jörg Frey (Zürich) will each present a review
    of the book by Mary L. Coloe / Tom Thatcher (eds.), John, Qumran, and the
    Dead Sea Scrolls. Sixty Years of Discovery and Debate, SBLEJL 32, Atlanta: SBL 2011

  3. [The Greek of the New Testament]

    Conveners: Prof. C. C. Caragounis and Prof. J. W. Voelz. Terminates in 2014.
    This seminar will not meet in Perth.

  4. Inhalte und Probleme einer neutestamentlichen Theologie

    Conveners: Prof. C. Landmesser and Prof. M. Seifrid. Terminates in 2014.

    Wed: Brendan Byrne, S.J. (Melbourne): “Jerusalems Above and Below: Revisiting the Hagar-Sarah Allegory (Gal 4:21—5:1) and Paul’s View of Non-Messianic Judaism”
    Thu: Dorothy Lee (Melbourne): “Law, Grace and Truth: The Symbolic Role of Moses in Johannine Christology”
    Fri: Brian Rosner (Melbourne): “Paul and the Law: A Hermeneutical Solution to the Puzzle”

  5. The Johannine Writings (2*)

    Conveners: Prof. M. Gruber and Prof. Ch. Karakolis. Terminates in 2015.
    This seminar will meet jointly with Seminar 2 (Dead Sea Scrolls) in 2013. Sign up for Seminar 2.

  6. The Jewish World in New Testament Times (11*)

    Conveners: Prof. S. Freyne, Prof. J.W. van Henten, Prof. W. Horbury. Terminates in 2013.
    This seminar will meet jointly with Seminar 11 (Jewish Theologies). Sign up for Seminar 11.

  7. The Origins and Development of the Jesus Tradition

    Conveners: Prof. T. Holmén and Prof. S.E. Porter. Terminates in 2017.

    Wed: Michael F. Bird (Melbourne): “Why the ‘Jesus Tradition’? Its Purpose and Preservation”
    Thu: Craig L. Blomberg (Littleton, Colorado): “When Occam’s Razor Shaves Too Closely: A Necessarily Complex Model of the Development of the Jesus Tradition”
    Fri: Paul Foster (Edinburgh): “Memory, Orality, and the Fourth Gospel: Three Dead-Ends in Historical Jesus Research”

  8. The Mission and Expansion of Earliest Christianity

    Conveners: Prof. Eugene Eung-Chun Park, Prof. Paul Trebilco, and Prof. Gosnell Yorke. Terminates in 2015.
    Wed: Eugene Eung-Chun Park (San Anselmo, CA): “The itinerant philosophers in the Cynic literature and the Galilean wandering missionaries in the Gospel of Matthew”; respondent: Manabu Tsuji (Hiroshima)
    Thu: Eric Wong (Hong Kong): “Mission – The Reception of Paul in the Synoptic Gospels”
    Fri: Mark Keown (Auckland): “Paul’s Vision of Evangelisation and the Church: Taking the debate forward”

  9. Christian Apocryphal Literature

    Conveners: Prof. T. Nicklas, Prof. C.M. Tuckett and Prof. J. Verheyden. Terminates in 2015.

    Wed: Francis Watson (Durham): “Harmony or Gospel: On the Genre of the Diatessaron”
    Thu: Majella Franzmann (Perth): “Johannine Material in the Manichaean Psalm Book”
    Fri: Claire Clivaz (Lausanne): “New Testament Apocrypha and the Emergence of the New Testament Canon. A Research Project by Tobias Nicklas and Claire Clivaz”

  10. Social History and the New Testament

    Conveners: Prof. H. Löhr, Prof. M. Öhler, and Prof. A. Runessen. Terminates in 2014.

    Wed: Albert Harrill (Columbus OH):“Ethnic Fluidity in Ephesians”.
    Thu: Kathy Ehrensperger (Lampeter): “Shared Culture and Diverse Ethnic Identities: The Pauline Discourse of Israel and the Nations”
    Fri: Anders Runesson (Hamilton ON): “The Impact of Ethnic Identity on Theology and Salvation in Matthew’s Gospel”

  11. Jewish Theologies and the New Testament (6*)

    Conveners: Prof. J. Herzer and Prof. G. Oegema. Terminates in 2014.
    This seminar will meet jointly with Seminar 6 (Jewish World).
    Wed: John J. Collins (Yale): “The Law of Moses and Jewish Identity in the Second Temple Period”
    Thu: Dieter Sänger (Kiel): “Man ist, was man isst. Speisegebote und jüdische Identität in Joseph und Aseneth”
    Fri: Roland Deines (Nottingham): “Righteousness in the Psalms of Solomon: Reading the Psalms of Solomon as a Book”

  12. Reconsidering Literarkritik of the Pauline Letters and its Impact on their Interpretation

    Conveners: Prof E-M. Becker and Prof. R. Bieringer. Terminates in 2015.
    The seminar will focus on 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, and Philippians.

    Wed: Geoffrey Dunn (Brisbane): “The Letter ‘Credebamus post’ from Boniface I or Leo I?”
    Thu: Malou Ibita (Leuven/Manila): “The Story of Paul and the Corinthians’ Ongoing Reconciliation:
    A Narrative-Critical Reading of 2 Corinthians 1-7”
    Fri: Sean Winter (Melbourne): “Re-framing the Unity Debate: The Rhetorical Situation of Canonical 2 Corinthians”

  13. Matthew in Context: an Exploration of Matthew in Relation to the Judaism and Christianity of its Time

    Conveners: Prof M. Konradt, Prof. W. Kraus and Prof. W. Loader. Terminates in 2015.
    Each paper addresses the issue: What light does Matthew’s use of Mark in relation to the topic throw on Matthew’s theological location?
    Wed: Boris Repschinski (Innsbruck): “Ethics and Law”; respondent: Roland Deines (Nottingham).
    Thu: Edwin Broadhead (Berea): “Discipleship and Ecclesiology”; respondent: Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt).
    Fri: Wolfgang Kraus (Saarbrücken): “Matt 16:21 – 18:35”; respondent: David Sim (Melbourne).

  14. Papyrology, Epigraphy and the New Testament

    Conveners: Prof P. Arzt-Grabner and Prof. J.S. Kloppenborg. Terminates in 2013.
    Wed: Peter Arzt-Grabner (Salzburg): “The Date of Jesus’ Birth and of His Death: a Contribution from Papyrology”; respondent: Helen Bond.
    Thu: Scott Charlesworth (Sydney): “A Thoroughly Literary Text: the Greek Papyri of the Gospel of Thomas”; respondent: James Harrison.
    Fri: Giovanni Bazzana (Harvard): “Legal Terminology and Violence in Q. The Contribution of Documentary Papyri”; respondent:Christina M. Kreinecker.

  15. Reading Paul’s Letters in Context: Theological and Social-Scientific Approaches

    Conveners: Prof. William Campbell and Prof. Michael Bachmann. Terminates in 2013.
    Wed: William S Campbell (Lampeter) “Theological and Social-Scientific Perspectives on ‘Being in Christ'”
    Thu: Kar Yong Lim (Malaysia): “Paul’s ‘Remembering the Poor’ as Ritual in the Corinthian Letters”
    Fri: Andrew Clarke (Aberdeen): “The Locus and Scope of Paul’s Apostolic Authority”

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