Sacrificing the past in order for a better future

I Samuel 15


Saul, did not want to be king, he didn’t believe Samuel 9:21,but hid when called upon to be king, 10:22. But after the years, he had come to think so greatly about himself, that he had a monument made after him, I Sam. 15:11-12

Amalekites, they were doomed for destruction, Ex. 1714-16; Nu.24:20; Dt.25:17-19;. The Lord was paying back to them for what they did in the past.


  1. Not keeping the Word of the Lord is not an unimportant issue. Saul, and us, must follow what the Lord says. Not doing it, may bring unwanted consequences to our lives, and our loved one. Eg. Saul and his sons died.
  2. We must destroy all past issues that still bother our lives. God gives us the strength and accomplish this. We must utterly destroy all past issues that may damage our present.
  3. No service, or “sacrifice” will ever replaced being obedient to the Lord. Obedience is greater than anything else we may do.


Are we being obedient to the Lord? Are we willing to follow the Lord’s Word, even when others suggests to us not to, because it may not be profitable? Does obedience also show love for God?

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